Freezing Rain

It’s funny how two words in the weather forecast can make a scaredy cat out of me.  I am not fond of winter driving at the best of times.  Driving in icy conditions really gets my nerves on edge.  So what do I do when faced with things I really don’t want to deal with but cannot avoid?  Where I always go when in trouble – to God.  Only He can bring peace to my troubled heart and ease my worries and fears.

Episodes of freezing rain happen in life.  Things look like they are warming up and improving for the better and then something comes along to make life miserable.  Perhaps it is a job setback or an issue with a child…maybe it’s a health diagnosis or a difficult relationship.  Whatever the problem is – God is there.  As I said in my earlier post, God doesn’t always remove the difficulty.  Sometimes there is much to learn by experiencing the “freezing rain” and surviving it.

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