No Straight Roads

My life is certainly not what I had expected it to be at this stage.  There have been many changes in the last few years.  What I thought was a straight road turned out to be one filled with a myriad of curves.  I had my plans but God showed me that His plans are best and not always what I had in mind.

While our human nature would like a nice straight road with clear directions, life just doesn’t work that way.  Detours abound, many that we should never have taken.  There are times when we would like to take an alternate route around trouble, but God instead makes us walk the path right through the difficult situation.  Thankfully He walks with us through both those challenging times and the good ones.  Often our lives are immeasurably blessed with lessons learned in those difficult journeys.

How do you go about travelling life’s paths?  Do you look at each new day with dread or do you have hope that things will get better?

I have moved many times in my life.  Something that helped me was looking at each new place with the eyes of “What is good about this new place?  What adventures can I have here?”  How do you look on new paths that your life is taking?

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