Tonight I was back at choir practice, even though there were still remnants of voice issues.  The music we are doing for our spring concerts is full of the joy and hope of Easter and the love of our Saviour.  It is truly a joy to sing and it felt great to be back.

My choir is a wonderful group of people who have a lot of fun singing and being together.  It has become a highlight for my week and a fun way to get out of the house and contribute to the community.  For me, being my quiet self, it has taken some time to get into the group and feel comfortable talking with people but gradually I am getting more and more at ease in that setting.

I am blessed with a great woman who sings beside me and who encourages me each week.  Because I read music and she doesn’t, she looks to me often for guidance and leadership and she shares her appreciation of my musical ability.  Today I was blessed to be able to give back to her.  For our Christmas concert there had been a number of solos and she encouraged me to try out.  Solos were something I had done before, but I was hesitant in a new group to try out.  Now for our Easter presentation there again were solo tryouts.  My choir mate spoke of considering trying out for one song.  It was a piece with a Celtic lilt to it and it fitted her so well with her East Coast background.  She wanted to try out but was scared.  I was glad to be able to honestly tell her that she has a lovely voice and she most certainly should try out.

Of course she did the same as at Christmas and was pushing for me to try out but I wouldn’t.  I stayed throughout the tryout time instead to encourage her and it meant a lot to her that I stayed.  For me, being there to support and encourage her to spread her wings musically was as much fun as if I had tried out myself.  At the end of tryouts she told me twice that she wouldn’t have tried out if I hadn’t encouraged her and it means a lot that I would support her and cheer her on.

Our world encourages us to be glory seekers – big name athletes or movie stars – things like that.  How much better our world would be if we each took the time to encourage someone else to be the best they could be.  There is great joy in being the cheering section for someone else and helping someone else along the path to greater things.  Even better is if we can be the Lord’s instruments, shining His light and encouragement to all and sharing the Gospel message to a lost and hurting world.

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