I confess to having a bad attitude about attending meetings.  I have been to many where the leader talks too much or doesn’t have much control over the proceedings.  I am a fairly organized person and I get frustrated when meetings seem to be getting nowhere or where it takes a long time to get to the point.

I shouldn’t let my past experiences colour my attitude to present meetings but if often does.  As I drove to a meeting recently the thought occurred to me that, while I can’t change the meeting setup; I can change my own outlook.

Think about this – if I go to a meeting or Bible study with the mindset of “I’m going to see IF I can learn something”, I am going looking for faults or failures in the process or organization.  That attitude breeds discontent.  I am looking for things to be wrong and it is much more difficult to see the positive.

If instead I approach such a gathering with the thought “I’m going to see WHAT I can learn” it is a whole different mindset.  With this outlook I look for opportunities to grow in faith and to learn more about whatever the organization or study is about.

And attitude goes way beyond meetings or studies.  How I approach my day has a significant impact on my reactions to events and people.  When I look for the best in people or situations, it makes a big difference in how things go.

I have to remember God’s attitude – He sees the best in me through Christ whose death covers my sins.  I can move forward thanks to His grace and mercy.  Shouldn’t I do the same in my approach to others?  Looking for the best and being optimistic is the much healthier option.

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