A Life of Service

For as long as I can remember, the love of Christ has been a part of my life.  An outpouring from that love has been my desire to be of service to my Lord.  I just cannot imagine a life without reaching out to others with care and concern and sharing the Gospel message.

Throughout Scripture the admonition is given to serve the Lord with all our hearts.  Christian service is meant to be done with enthusiasm not as a dreary expectation.  How often though, in my life, is my service based on what other people expect of me.  I drag my feet and complain about all these things I have to do.  This usually occurs when I take on things that are beyond my abilities and interests and done only to please someone else.

My service is not meant to please anyone but God.  He gives me specific gifts and abilities and He has a plan for me to use them.  All God asks of me is to serve faithfully.  Not perfectly.  Not for glory or personal or gain.  Not in areas where He hasn’t called me to.   God does ask for obedience and complete dedication.  He asks me to keep my heart, mind, and soul focused on Him and to follow His leading.

More than once the Bible says that time is precious and that there is much that needs to be done.  Scripture also says that we give ourselves fully to God’s work.  Christian service should be following the Holy Spirit’s guidance to make use of the opportunities He opens up for me.  It’s putting myself at God’s disposal – ready to be used wherever He has need of me.

While I have a heart for service, I mess up on more than one occasion.  I get over zealous and go beyond what God wants me to do in a particular area.  I take on too many things and become overwhelmed with all that I have to do.  I jump into things without praying about them first and end up going in a direction that is not God pleasing.

Thankfully, God forgives me and continues to minister to my heart and spirit.  As I seek His guidance He opens up windows and doors of opportunity – many of which I never envisioned possible.  I mean – who would have thought that a girl who could never come up with an idea for writing in creative writing class in school would someday minister to thousands with her writing ability?  God most certainly stretches me and helps to me to grow and flourish and He uses the abilities He gives me in places I don’t expect.

How is God specifically preparing you for service in His kingdom today?  How has God been working in your life to nurture you and develop skills and abilities that can be used in His service?



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