Wedding fever

As I sit at my computer this morning my mind races with a very long to do list.  I try to take the time to chill out a bit and prioritize but it seems I cross one thing off my list and add three more.  There is the normal busyness of this time of year – canning and freezing garden produce from our large garden.  This year there is added with stress with our daughter’s wedding in little over a week and her twin brother’s wedding following closely thereafter.

It’s amazing how a wedding can turn life upside down.  While many things have been done ahead there seems to be a myriad of little things that need attention now.  I worry constantly that something essential will be forgotten.

Out in the garden yesterday I paused to consider the fact that I haven’t had much time in recent weeks to just enjoy my beautiful surroundings.  I’ve barely had a moment here and there to just sit down and relax outside.  I haven’t touched my piano in weeks or sat down to read a good book – all things that are relaxation for me.

I know that wedding fever is only for a season and in ten days it will be all over for the one wedding but still I wonder how I can stay calm through all this.

In the storms of life – whether good or bad – there is only one source of peace, Christ our Lord.  When the tumultuous waves of earthly cares threaten to overtake us, there is only one life saver to hold onto – Jesus.  He reminds us to not let our heart be troubled and to trust in Him through all things.

My devotional book still lies open to a date two weeks past.  That shows how my weeks have been going.  But too busy to spend time in God’s Word? – that’s not good.  At times like these I should consider something Martin Luther discussed – when times were extra busy or extra challenging he prayed MORE not less.  That is advice to be well heeded in the wedding fever situation I face this coming week.  No matter what else happens, the essential thing to be doing is to spend time with my Lord in prayer and Bible study.  Then the rest will fall into place.

I will post again when the wedding is over.  That is one area I can take a load off.  Please pray for our family as we enter this joyous but most hectic time.


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  • Elizabeth

    Your post brings back so many memories. I remember graduating from my education degree in May only to be getting married a month after. There was so much fun, yet stress in planning our wedding.

    I pray that everything will come together and that God would fill you all with His peace and love. We look forward to celebrating with Janet and the family. ?

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