Feet Like a Deer

With all the newly fallen snow again it is much easier to see the tracks of the many creatures that make our acreage home.  Some have their consistent paths while others roam about at will.  In observing the tracks the other day I found a number of deer tracks going through a patch of bush.

Why should tracks leading through the bush be unusual?  This particular stand of bush is very small with a clearing on one side and a driveway on the other.  It seems to me that it is simpler to go around the this small patch of trees and undergrowth than to go through it.  But the deer chose otherwise.  They certainly got to their goal; but definitely through a much more challenging circumstance.

Deer are very nimble and to them the bush is of no consequence.  They merrily go on their way.  Scripture even uses them as an example.  In Habbakkuk 3 it ends with these words:  “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enable me to go onto the heights.” (NIV)

Our world has the easy roads and the more difficult ones.  Why didn’t the deer choose the easy one?  Very likely because it puts them out into the open where they are more prone to predators.  There is safety in the trees and shrubs in our bush area.

Our Christian walk is similar.  Taking the open, easy path is often the most dangerous for us.  The road well travelled is not usually where a Christian belongs.  We are called to be set apart and not to follow the crowd, especially when it is drifting away from what God wants for us.

As Habakkuk tells us, God will make our feet like that of a deer – able to handle the terrain.  He will give us what we need to manoeuvre through the brambles and trees in the bush to get to where we need to be.  Sometimes life seems like it is a never ending amount of thick underbrush with little light and no end in sight.  But He is there with us and He promises to be our strength through whatever comes our way.

As the advertising goes for John Deere farm equipment – “nothing runs like a Deere” – so we can hopefully say, nothing runs like us as Christians, because our feet are guided by the One holds the universe in place.  May we have the feet of a deer and soar to the heights today, even if there are obstacles in our way.  Our loving God is faithful.

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