The Impossible

Some days I wonder what God has in store for me.  Why are certain things happening to me?  Why do others have some basics of life that I don’t have?  I’m sure all of us have these types of questions from time to time.

At a time in my life when some things seems impossible, God is showing me differently.

Recently I watched the movie “Facing the Giants” – a Christian movie with powerful impact.  A losing football team becomes extraordinary.  It wasn’t a change in their practice techniques or their plays, they change their attitude!  They decide that in all things (win or lose) they will praise God.  Their attitude shift includes honouring God in all things, trusting God to lead them, and promising to serve Him.

A moving scene in the picture shows the coach going to each of the team members and asking them – “What is impossible for God?”  Of course each young man answered nothing.  Because with God ALL things are possible.

Matthew 19 enlightens us further – “Jesus looked at them and said, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (vs. 26 NIV)

Does that mean that God is going to take away all the pain and sorrow of this world?  No.  That will only happen in heaven.  God does allow affliction because it shapes us and helps us grow.  I know I’m guilty – when times are great, God can get put on the shelf.  Then when I’m in trouble or distress, I call upon Him.  Sometimes it seems God is using the trouble times to get my attention.

That movie makes an excellent point – It’s about praising, trusting, honouring, and serving God BOTH when things are going well and when troubles strike.  God can, and will, make the impossible possible.  But that happens when I put my faith in Him to do what is best for my life.  I don’t see the whole picture but He does.

Many years ago I had a dream to attend a Christian college.  It was already summer and I didn’t have the funds in place.  I had been refused a student loan because I could take the program I wanted at a local secular university.  My family did not have the money to send me to university and my savings from working were not enough.  It all seemed absolutely impossible.

But my attitude shifted.  I put my trust in God and surrendered my life to Him.  I prayed, asking for His will and that He would make the way if this was the correct path for me.  At that point of surrender, God worked a miracle.  Within days the money I needed to attend that Christian college arrived from a totally unexpected source.  With God ALL things are possible.  Going to that Christian college was a life changing event for me and did a great deal to chart the course for Christian service in my life that continues to this day.

I find for myself that I really can get in the way of God working in my life.  I get stuck on a particular direction or path and forget to focus on what God wants for me.  Instead I try to work things out for myself.  I need to get out of the way and let God do the work.  He is able and willing.

As I continue to remember that with God all things are possible my personal mantra in all circumstances should be:  honour Him, trust Him, praise Him, and serve Him.

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