Below the Surface

The morning air is crisp and the soft breezes stir my soul.  I love being out in my garden as the sun pops through the trees.  The only noises I hear at this time of day are the birds making their happy sounds.  My garden is a place of solace as well as a location to re-ignite my energies.

With the high temperatures expected this week I am out watering my garden each morning.  My little transplants have a better chance at survival that way.  I’m still getting used to the sprinkler system my dear husband set up for me and so I monitor carefully how long I have the water going at each location.  I want to make sure my plants are watered thoroughly.

Water that only touches the surface really doesn’t do much to help things grow.  In the heat of the day it evaporates and its usefulness is gone.  If I only water small amounts in each area, my plants will only have shallow roots.  That doesn’t give them much protection from the elements or give them a stable growing environment.  A strong plant has roots that sink deep into the earth; drawing in nutrients and moisture.

I am grateful that my faith roots run deep.  It is those roots that have held me fast when life has thrown some incredible challenges my way.  Years of deep watering with God’s Word and Sacraments help me navigate life’s circumstances.  Spending time in prayer to strengthen my being for life’s journey is also essential.  I cannot imagine facing difficult things in life without the strength that God alone provides.

I’m not perfect.  I have had times when I have tried to manoeuvre through life with only a sprinkling of God’s Word to guide me.  In my busyness I may read a quick devotion or a few verses of Scripture here and there.  But that is not enough for me to grow and flourish.  As with my plants, that kind of feeding dries up easily and I am challenged to withstand life’s battles.

How are you watering your garden of faith?  Are you enjoying the benefits of a deep long lasting rain or does life seem like it only has sprinklings of a shower now and then?  Take time to drink deeply of the living water that only God provides.  There is comfort and help for every circumstance in Scripture.





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