I am a people watcher. Whether I am walking down the street, sitting in a waiting room, or standing in line at the grocery story, I am observing those around me. It intrigues me what makes people tick and how they choose to handle various situations. I ponder what their lives are like and where their journey is taking them. I laugh at silly antics and empathize with those in pain. I puzzle over them and wonder in general what their life is like.
Not everyone I observe appeals to me. Some obnoxious, abrasive people do turn me off. I get perturbed seeing the bad effects of people who are dealing with things like addictions. Those whose taste in attire or jewelry differ from mine sometimes make me go, “really?” Sadly, some people just rub me the wrong way it seems.
At times like these I need to remind myself that God loves each person I meet equally. No matter who I might run into on a day to day basis, not one of them is out of the reach of God’s love. He designed each person I meet and Jesus is the Saviour of each one, as He is mine.
That is a game changer for how I approach my day. Rather than looking inward at how I am going to deal with the time God gives me, it gets me thinking – Lord, who will you put in my path today that needs to see Your light in me?
It changes my focus of my daily Christian walk when I take time to consider how I might minister to others in my day. It’s definitely much easier to focus on myself and my own family concerns. How often my prayers and petitions relate to just me and my close family. But God wants more for us. In Matthew 5:16 we are told, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. “(NIV) This tells me I should have more focus on asking God how I can glorify Him with my day so that His light shines through all I do or say.
Think of Jesus Himself. Was He forever circulating among the wealthy and influential people of His day? Absolutely not. You will find Him there with the parents of ill children and with people facing life changing illnesses or conditions. Jesus reaches out to the scum bags of His day – tax collectors, adulteresses, and thieves to name a few. Just of the touch of His hand brings healing and peace to many. Jesus looks at all of the same – with a heart of love, offering His gift of salvation.
Sometimes I may not be able to directly help people I see in need. I may not be able to change people’s countenance or the situation of the downtrodden. I can, however, treat them as God’s special creations and offer them knowledge of the hope that only comes through Christ. If I can’t speak directly to them, I can be Christ’s messenger with my actions and my facial expressions. Who knows what even a smile will do?
My life of faith would not be complete if I didn’t share the joy, peace, and hope I have with others. Take time to consider how you might change your day plans to include being Christ’s light in the world in your day to day walk.

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