Don’t Stop Seeking

These days there is certainly no lack of things to worry about.  The media continues to portray a world where disease and violence run rampant.  Families are torn apart and many do not know where their next meal is coming from.  Job security is nonexistent for many.  I could go on and on with things that raise concerns in our lives today.

I am not immune to the worry bug.  Thankfully, when the cares and concerns of this life want to take hold, I know where to turn.  My favourite Scripture in times like these is Matthew Chapter 6 where there is an entire section entitled “Do Not Worry”.  

Jesus speaks strongly to remind us that God is there feeding and caring for the needs of His creatures.  They don’t worry about tomorrow, why should we?  Why wouldn’t God do the same for us?  This is a good illustration to hold onto in days like these.

Interestingly, Jesus closes off His thoughts about worry with a few thoughts including – “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

What does that mean for us?  If you are seeking it means that you are looking for something.  A time of seeking is a time of discovery and observation.  Seeking isn’t satisfied with the status quo but looks beyond to something better.  

Why would Jesus say these words directly after telling His hearers not to worry?  

Jesus knows full well that our human nature moves us to seek the things of this world.  In our society today, millions of dollars of advertising money are spent each year to get people to think they need something that they very likely could get by without.  There are continual reminders that life would be better if we only had…

What Jesus is directing us to do is to look to God’s kingdom first.  That should be our primary focus if we are in seeking mode.  It’s not about stuff: it’s not even about people.  It’s about putting Jesus first in our lives.  Our gracious God sent us a loving Saviour to cover our sins and provide the way to everlasting life.  He is what is most important, not the latest gadget.

Many of you reading this post might already know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  Take a moment to think about this:  Are you a seeker or are you complacent when it comes to your faith?  Do you sit on your laurels knowing eternal life has been granted you and do little about it?

I think most people have their moments like this.  God gets shoved in the background when our lives get busy.  We might remember to pray when things are going rough but otherwise that part of our relationship with God gets neglected.  I know that happens to me.  Work gets busy or family issues take precedence in my life and the spiritual aspect wanes.

Those that are hungry will continue to search for food until their appetites are satisfied.  These people might eat their fill, but they will be hungry again within hours and the search process begins again.  It is impossible to stay satiated for very long.  Our bodies need continued fuel to operate well.  That is how we are designed.

It is no different in our Christian lives.  Jesus’ emphasize that we need to keep seeking the kingdom of God is crucial to our well-being.  We should never be satisfied that we know enough or have experienced enough.  Our spirit needs refuelling on a regular basis.  God has so much to share with us through His Word and being with God’s people helps us in that searching process as we find supports and education that opens our eyes in new ways to what Scripture is telling us.  

Don’t stop seeking.  Make seeking God a high priority on your to do list.  Seeking God is indeed the antidote to worry.  It will help immensely as you face the challenges in our world today.  

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