Are You Ready?

I vividly remember the days of trying to go on any car trip when my children were young.  It was no matter of jumping in the car and going.  It definitely required lead time to prepare things like diapers, food, clothing changes, stroller, etc.  For each journey, I had to consider what needs might take place and try to prepare for them.  I certainly didn’t want to fail to remember any of the essentials. Forgetting something like a child’s favourite toy could have very unpleasant consequences.  

I can still be that way when God is asking me to do something.  I want to prepare and have everything I need to do the task.  I work through my to do list of things that I feel I need to complete before I can commit to a plan of action.  

But that is not what God wants.  Just like the disciples dropped their nets and followed Jesus immediately, God desires that each of us trust Him and follow where He leads.  

Doing that without question is hard.  I tend to be like Moses and have a mittful of excuses.  When God asks Moses to lead God’s people out of Egypt, he questions who he was to do such a monumental task.  

It’s an interesting interchange between Moses and God.  God tells Moses that He is sending him to Pharaoh.  Immediately Moses doubts and says who is he to be the one to lead the people. God responds that He will be with Moses in this task.  Then Moses asks God what happens when the people ask who sent him.  God gives him direction and explicitly states that He will make the Egyptians let the people go.

But that is not enough for Moses.  Even though God has just told him that He has it all under control, Moses starts doubting.  He is full of what if questions:  What if the people don’t listen to him?  What if others don’t believe him?   

God shows Moses miraculous signs that He will perform to prove His power and direction.  That is not enough for Moses, however, as he then goes on to question why God would choose him when he is not an eloquent speaker.  God has an answer for that concern as well, citing Moses’ brother Aaron as a capable assistant who will help him speak the needed words to Pharaoh.

Even with these excuses and doubts, God leads Moses to do great things and God’s people are led safely out of Egypt.  Surely this great God can do the same for us.

While we cannot be prepared for every circumstance where God might lead us there is something we can do.  We can be ready for whatever God has in store by prayerfully approaching each day, asking God to direct our paths.  We can study His Word to gain wisdom and understanding, to have an arsenal of material to support us in our tasks.  We can look to each day as God given opportunity to share His love with those we meet.

God is not asking us to prepare for every scenario.  What God is asking is that we trust Him to give us the tools we need, when we need them.  He doesn’t want us mired in fear, afraid to tackle situations because we feel inadequately prepared.  

It is a matter of attitude.  Do you have a mindset that is ready and willing to accept God’s leadership?  Do you trust that when God asks you to serve that you will not do that alone?  Are you willing to go out into the unknown, with God as your Guide?  

Think about it.  Dwell on it.  Be ready for whatever God has in store for you.  He keeps His promises and is faithful to get you through whatever comes your way.

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