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Shaking it Up

I fondly remember waltzing around the room in the arms of my elderly uncle.  His joyful spirit encouraged me as I took fledgling steps in unknown dance patterns.  He was a spry little man, not a great deal taller than my ten-year-old self.  As he taught me the steps and whirled me around the room, his blue eyes sparkled with merriment.  

His home was the scene of many special family events and celebrations.  They would peel back the carpet to reveal the polished hardwood beneath.  This dance floor served many as my father’s extended family loved to dance. I loved those events as a child.  It was a time to break free from the normal and less loose in the movement of dance.

My dad loved to dance as well.  One of my favourite memories is of him teaching me how to jive.  It was a joy we shared together.  I loved bopping to the music then and it continues to be my favourite dance.  

These days, when stress wants to overtake me, I dance.  Movement shakes loose the cobwebs that want to infiltrate my brain.  Shaking things loose is healing and restorative.  

There are times, though, when I do not want to disturb things.  I want to stay the course and stand firm through whatever route God is taking me.  The last thing I want is to have things fluid and unknown.

Life brings shake ups and most of them are not the dance around the room variety.  They are tough, brain seizing, heart wrenching turbulence that sends us flying.

There is only one thing to do when life throws us a curve – hold on to the hope that Christ brings.

I love this verse from the Psalms:

“I have set the Lord always before me.  Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8 NIV)

Think of the Apostle Peter when he walked on the water.  As long as he focused ahead and looked at Jesus, he was fine and he easily walked toward Jesus.  As soon as Peter lost that focus, he sank into the water.  

Let’s face it – on our own we usually don’t manage too well.  When we focus inward and lose sight of our Saviour, we falter and stumble through life.  We can feel like we are drowning when circumstances become overwhelming.

To be steady on the path of life means that we are looking to the Lord for guidance on a daily basis.  We have the assurance of direction because God promises it.  

What do we do when we look ahead and the way seems unclear?  I certainly have those moments.  I am a woman of faith who trusts God, but often I find the way ahead uncertain.  

At times like these, I need to remember that God sees the whole picture and He reveals to me what I need to know when I need it.  As long as He is my focus, I will be okay.  I may face turbulent winds but my course is sure because God directs it.  

Without that focus on the Lord’s direction, life can seem hopeless.  Think of a boat drifting with the wind.  It is not going to make it to its destination.  It wanders aimlessly through the water with no purpose.  It can be different for you.

Set the Lord before you.  Look only to Him.  He will not let you go.  The way ahead is sure when we focus on Him.

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