With This Ring

Today is a day of cherished memories.  My wedding day was filled with joy and happiness, love and laughter.  Each year, as we celebrate another milestone, I am in awe of what God has done for me in providing my beloved husband.  He cares for me in a myriad of ways, the way God intends.  My life is full and rich with him in it.

When my husband was ready to propose, he went to great lengths to find a unique engagement ring that would be especially meaningful to me.  Knowing my love for all things antique, my husband searched the world to find just what he wanted for me.

It was quite the process to get that ring here.  My husband had quite the escapade to deal with all the red tape and still keep me from finding out about it.  His efforts were definitely worth it.  The 1920s antique ring with an amazing blue stone (my favourite colour), is a truly unique and exquisite item.  It stunned me when I first saw it – absolutely breathtaking.

When I look at that ring now, I see care and devotion.  I see the efforts of my man wanting to make things special and meaningful for me.  I feel cherished and loved beyond measure.  In it I see his commitment to making my life better as well as his desire to walk in faith beside me.

Symbols often help us hold onto memories or facts.  Our brain likes to tie things together in order to remember.  Our world is full of symbols, but some carry more meaning than others.

The greatest symbol in life is that of the cross.  When I look at one I am instantly cognizant of the sacrifice made for me.  I look at a cross and know I am deeply cherished and loved by a God who sacrificed His one and only Son for me so that I might live.  

Because of that cross, I am invited to the grand wedding feast of the Lamb – an eternity with Christ our Lord.  There, the joy and laughter will not end as we celebrate all that God has done for us and the wonderful home He has prepared for us in heaven.

Look to the cross.  Emblazon it on your brain.  Let this symbol be a constant reminder that you have hope in Christ, that you are cared for and nurtured by our loving Heavenly Father, and that you have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to walk through this life.

Look to the cross and live!

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