• photo of a turtle swimming underwater

    Stepping Out on the Edge

    They go about their daily business.  Outsiders might call them unskilled labourers.  But doing what they do requires knowledge of the weather, of the sea, and of specific techniques.  In the societal hierarchy, they are on the lower side of the scale.  Yet they do their work with faithfulness and patience in order to provide for their families. These fishermen are going about their daily tasks when Jesus walks up to them.  Scripture doesn’t tell us if they had heard Jesus’ message prior to this day.  It is highly likely that they already knew something about His work and ministry as Jesus had been preaching in the area.  What may…

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    Finding Patience

    As I explore Scripture, some themes resonate with me at particular times.  A recent read of James 5 brought up the subject of patience. My husband and I have a standing joke about my patience…or lack of it.  He often reminds me that waiting for something is okay and that God has things under control.  I try, but seem to succeed at it more often than not.   For many years I considered myself a patient person.  I bided my time, hoping that better things would come along.  I invested my time, talents, and treasures, hoping that someday they would bear fruit.  I worked hard to be tolerant and uncomplaining,…

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    What Do I Say?

    As I watch people in my life go through challenging circumstances, I want to reach out and offer comfort. Yet, what do I say? I don’t want to sound trite – “Everything’s going to be okay.” – when it really isn’t. When someone I love is in pain – whether physical or emotional – things are not necessarily going to resolve themselves in healing and freedom from the challenge. How do I encourage others in times like these? Often, when we don’t have the words, God does.  The Scripture that comes to mind is from Isaiah 41:“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for…

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    Alive and Well

    Martin Luther said, “The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me…” There are many interesting word pictures in this quote.  We don’t usually think of something inanimate as a book as having feet.  Yet that is what makes the Bible the most unique book in the world.  Thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, the Bible continues to be a book of action and vitality; its vibrant message spread around the world. What about the concept of the Bible running after me?  This speaks to the fact that it is God who is seeking…

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  • lighthouse during night

    Be Careful What You Lean On

    I love old things. I can spend hours in an antique store or a museum. As I walk around, I drink in the exquisite workmanship and unique designs as I ponder what life was like back for those who paved the way for where I am now. Many of these old pieces of furniture are made of solid wood, unlike much of what we find today. They appear solid and strong. Yet, as I walk through an old farmhouse one day, I lean on what I think is a sturdy table. My assessment proves wrong as both me and parts of table land on the floor.  As I pick myself…

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  • leafless tree on grass field

    Like a Tree

    It is one of those days when I let worry over something just control my day. The crazy thing is, I am concerned over something over which I have no control. None. Nothing. Yet I let this concern manipulate my day. It permeates my thoughts and even brings a few tears. I try to figure out the situation, analyzing it from every angle; but the answers remain the same. There is no immediate remedy to the situation and I can do little to change it. That truly bugs me. Yet, my gracious Lord knows when I need His gentle Word with its kick in the pants, so to speak. As…

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    Do you ever have times where things from the past just nag at you? It seems that some days, my past comes back to haunt me. I want to leave those bad feelings/experiences in their place – they are past and done – yet they seem to rise up and integrate themselves into my life in the present, far more than I would like. It is not just the big items that weasel themselves into my day-to-day thinking. Some days it seems like I can remember every little thing that has gone wrong in my life. The devil loves to parade a list of our wrongdoings past us. He wants…

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    A Beautiful Spirit

    “Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” (1 Peter 3:4 ESV) I grew up with this verse demonstrated to me daily. My mother, a precious gift from God, has a wonderful gentle and quiet spirit. I am truly blessed by her example. She lives a life of faith and hope. My whole life, her bright blue eyes have shone Christ’s light into my life. She has surrounded me with love and support. I am who I am today because of the foundation she laid. Although frail and elderly now, my mother…

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  • hot air ballons in the sky

    Jump Rope Jitters

    Turn the rope. Hop over the rope as it comes to your feet. Turn the rope again and repeat. The basic mechanics of jumping rope are not difficult. Yet, for my students in the early grades, this task can be daunting. Jumping rope effectively takes coordination and a sense of rhythm, which my young students do not all have as of yet. I must say I have had more than a few chuckles watching my students as they attempt to make the skipping rope cooperate. Tangles and missteps abound in the early days of learning. On some students I can see the intense concentration on their faces as they try…

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    Do you ever feel drawn in a particular direction without a reason? I think at times the Holy Spirit nudges us – directing us in a way to broaden our understanding and grow in the faith. That was me this morning. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to open up a long put aside notebook. It is not a journal like I normally keep – one that documents life events and feelings and perceptions of my world. This one is a place for me to share my commentary on how Scripture touches me deeply and ministers to me again and again. Since I started blogging, this unique journal has largely…

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