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    Looking Heavenward

    Are you slugging through another day?  Do you ever feel that you are on a perpetual treadmill – expending lots of effort, but not moving forward? As I sit here on my couch this weekend I ponder where my week went.  How do the days just seem to disappear into one another? While I am happily busy doing the teaching work that God has called me to, I don’t like how one day seems to run into the next.  I feel like I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone do something fun for myself. It was no different when my children were young and I was at home.  Diapers…

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    Have you ever had life going along relatively smoothly and “wham”, life changes in an instant? That was my week. An altercation with a deer on my rural commute left me quite shaken and my SUV in pieces. And so, my week changed. Time spent with the insurance company and auto body shop. Trying to arrange for a rental vehicle. All these details that I really didn’t want to add to my week but was forced to. I have relied on my four-wheel drive vehicle with its excellent winter tires to help keep me safe in snowy conditions. Now, I have a vehicle to drive without those things. With parts…

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    Keep Your Eyes on the White Line

    It had been an exhausting commute going to work. Poor weather conditions compounded by a host of oncoming traffic who decided that dimming their lights was not in their game plan left me tired and frustrated. I do not like driving in the dark and having to commute each day before sunrise is not my idea of a good time. On this particularly frustrating day I had a talk with a former police officer. He mentioned that in his training they were taught in high-speed chases to keep their eyes on the white line. This focus is critical in their safety. Where we keep our focus is crucial in our…

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    When the Downside Turns into the Upside

    The autumn breezes are finally turning chill. It has been an exceptional fall, with some of the warmest weather on record for our northern climate. Yet, as I walk through my garden, I feel somewhat dismayed. Weeks ago, I did my typical fall cleanup but the weeds have regrown and are going to seed because we have yet to have a killing frost. I start to lament and grump a bit. I have lots of other things I would rather be doing than weeding in October. When I consider the situation, I have to give myself a talking to. Yes, there are some negatives to our prolonged warmer weather, but…

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    Following the Pattern

    It is rare these days to buy furniture entirely ready-made. How often do we see a lovely item in the store, only to discover when we go to purchase one that it comes in a box with numerous pieces and must be assembled? Wading through the assembly instructions can be daunting. Trying to find the correct parts and the corresponding screws is time consuming and frequently frustrating. The temptation is to just get the job done and put it together the way we think is best. That can lead to disaster though, as we end up with spare parts or things not working right. Each of these projects does come…

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    Being Thankful

    In the course of this school week, I have read my students a number of Thanksgiving stories.  One of my favourites is Mercer Mayer’s Being Thankful.   The main character in this story repeatedly finds himself in situations where he wants more of something.  For example, he sees someone with a fancy scooter and he tells his mom he wants one.  His mother reminds him that he already has a scooter.  He eats an ice cream cone but someone else has a fancy sundae and so he wants that instead.   Ultimately, the character grows and learns to be thankful for what he already has, but it takes a big…

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    Whose Answer Do I Really Want?

    Do you ever have a day without questions for God? It seems to me that I wonder things most days. Things like – what direction God is taking my life, what I should be doing in particular situations, why a loved one is suffering, and so on. Not only do I have these questions, but in my own way I seem to discern that I need to figure out the answers. In my introspective way, I ponder many things. I plan and I organize – and frequently come up with a plan or solution that I think is wonderful. How often do I then take my so-called terrific thoughts to…

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    Terry Fox was an amazing young man who did an incredible job raising awareness for cancer research.  In our class this week, we talked a lot about Terry’s cancer journey and his drive to provide hope to those with cancer.  As we prepared to do our Terry Fox walk, we talked about the original Marathon of Hope and how Terry wanted it to continue, even if he was unable to do so. Trying to define “hope” for my students was a challenge.  For them, the word conjures up images of wishful thinking.  Yet, for the Christian, it is so much more than that.  Hope is having confidence in our faithful…

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    Hope for the Seeker

    A new school year. For the most part, my students are eager to be at school and hopeful they will succeed and enjoy their year. They look forward to all the adventures the school year brings. I also have many hopes and dreams for my students. I want to build a strong classroom community and I want them to grow and learn throughout the year. I hope that they will be caring and kind to one another. My aim is that they will become the best students possible. Do these hopes come to fruition if I sit and do nothing? Not at all. It takes many hours of hard work…

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    Planting Things Right

    I am an early morning person and I love going out to my garden in the cool of that time of day.  I find each journey outside a new adventure.  At times it seems as if things have sprouted overnight and I marvel at the wonders of God’s creation. As I move about, the sights and sounds inundate my senses – the massive bird chorus, the pink sky of the dawn, the squirrels chattering, the trees gently rustling in the breeze, and so on.  I find my garden to place of peace and contemplation.  While the work in my large garden is considerable, it is a place where I relax…

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