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     It’s a favourite toddler question.  Why do I need to go bed?  Why do birds fly?  Why are apples red?  Our young ones can find more “why” questions than we can ever imagine.  It is their way of making sense of the world.  Their inquisitive minds absorb incredible amounts of information in those early years. We are built to want to know the why of things.  In our quest to gain the knowledge of the world, we want to know how things work and why things are as they are.  Our human minds want to make sense of things and understand their purpose.  The urge to know why has led…

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    An Undivided Heart

    Back in the days when my twins were toddlers our life was hectic.  One of my biggest challenges was keeping up with two active little people who each had minds of their own.  Inevitably, we would go outside and each of them would take off after their own pursuits. My heart was divided – which twin do I chase after?  It agonized me at times to think that, while I was getting one child to safety, the other might be getting into serious trouble.  The conflict in my mind was great.  I felt so much easier when I had the two of them inside, in a single safe confined location.…

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    For me, this year has been a journey through many hills and valleys.  Through it all I have been overwhelmed at God’s loving hand through each and every step. While I don’t understand all the God has allowed in my life, I am truly thankful for His grace and mercy that have seen me through and for His miraculous hand bringing about healing and restoration.    It is a year where I can truly agree with Billy Graham’s words: “Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.”  While going through challenges this year I wondered if I would ever gain strength to get out of…